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They understand that being arrested and charged with a crime, whether a felony or misdemeanor, can have a long term impact on your life because it can effect your personal freedom, your financial well being, as well as your standing in your community. That's why they take the defense of the accused very seriously.

The trial lawyers at Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman bring more than 70 years of combined experience to those arrested and/or accused of the following:

Don't Delay Getting A Criminal Defense Lawyer Involved If You Are Accused Of A Crime

Getting a criminal defense lawyer involved as early as possible can make the difference between if you are formally charged with a crime or not.  When law enforcement begins to question you as a suspect of a crime, hiring a criminal defense lawyer will help to ensure that your rights are protected.  Most of us are not properly trained to recognize when our rights have been violated, and hiring a lawyer early will prevent law enforcement from pushing your rights to the limits.

There are several reasons that a person could be arrested without the need to be formally charged with a crime.  Certain conditions will need to be met, the most common of which is probable cause.  If a police officer feels he or she has enough probable cause to make an arrest, you can be brought in and locked up pending charges.  If this happens, the lawyers at Naiburg, Obedin, and Weissman will examine the probable cause claim and if it is warranted your they will argue on your behalf that the probable case was not valid.  If the court agrees with his argument, you could be released and may avoid being charged with the crime.

Once you have been charged, your attorney will look at the prosecution’s case and will advise you on its strengths and weaknesses.  You will discuss possible defense strategies, and select the one that is most likely to achieve a favorable solution to your case.  Your attorney will discuss any possible benefits of pleading guilty to the charges, and will enter a plea bargain on your behalf.  Prior to your trial your attorney will attempt to get your bail lowered so that you can be released from jail pending the results of your trial. 

Hiring a lawyer early in the criminal justice process, can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case.  Most felony cases result in at least one year of jail time, so it is best to have the attorneys at Naiburg, Obedin, and Weissman working on your defense as soon as possible, for obvious reasons.  It is not wise to simply trust the criminal justice system to just “work it out” because too often innocent people do get charged with crimes.  Do not take chances with your freedom, and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from having a knowledgeable lawyer working on your behalf.

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