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DWI, also known as driving while intoxicated or driving while impaired, is a serious offense in the criminal justice system because a drunk or impaired driver can cause traffic accidents that result in the injury or even death of innocent people.

If a law enforcement officer suspects that a driver is under the influence of alcohol, the officer may administer a breathalyzer or field sobriety test. If these tests find that the driver is most likely impaired, the law enforcement officer will place the person under arrest and take them to a police station for a chemical blood test. If the results show that the blood alcohol level is above the legal limit, the driver may be charged with a DWI offense.

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The consequences for a driver charged with a DWI offense can be serious and severe, even for first time offenders. First, driving privileges may be suspended without any exceptions for working conditions or other hardships. It is also possible that the vehicle may also be taken, especially in the case of a repeat offender. The driver may also receive jail time as a consequence of driving while intoxicated. Finally, the driver faces lawsuits and other legal action from any traffic accident victims and their families. In order to avoid these severe penalties, it is important for a driver charged with driving while intoxicated to get experienced and skilled legal representation as soon as possible.

The attorneys at Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman are experienced and educated Suffolk County DWI lawyers who will thoroughly research the circumstances of the charges and work to reduce the penalties to the driver.

With the top notch legal representation provided by Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman, drivers who are charged with a DWI will have professional support during the entire course of their legal ordeal. The lawyers will work to reduce any license suspension and protect against any vehicle seizures.

While no lawyer can guarantee the outcome of criminal charges, drivers who work with the Suffolk County DWI defense lawyers at Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman will have professional support and the best chance at minimal consequences.

DWI Penalties - Possible Punishments for Drunk Driving

There are a variety of DWI penalties and the punishments in New York. Some of the most common penalties include license suspension, driving restrictions, jail time and required attendance at meetings.

License Suspension
If an individual is found to have a blood alcohol level of .08% or higher, their license will immediately be confiscated. A temporary license will usually be issued that will allow driving for a few days, but after that the license suspension will begin and can last up to six months for first time offenses.

However, if the person does not cooperate with police offers or refuses to take a blood alcohol test, the suspension can last for up to one year. First time offenders are eligible to receive a hardship license, which is a limited license that allows the driver to go to work, the grocery store and other places that involve necessary tasks of daily living. People that have received more than one driving under the influence citation are not eligible for this privilege.

Ignition Interlock
Another penalty for DWI is a device on the steering wheel called an interlock. This is a breathalyzer connected to a vehicle ignition switch. In order for the vehicle will start, the driver must blow into a tube and no alcohol can be detected on their breath. The device will randomly ask for additional breathing samples while the car is in operation to make sure that the driver is not drinking and driving. An ignition interlock is an expensive devices that the driver is required to pay for out of their own pocket.

Prison/Jail Time
Jail time is another possible penalty for a DWI and is generally considered the harshest possible punishment for the crime. Jail time is typically reserved for drivers who have multiple drunk driving charges or those who have been involved in traffic accidents that seriously injured or even killed innocent victims.

Required Meetings/Counseling
Other DWI penalties include alcohol and victim impact meetings. Because drinking and driving can be a signal of alcoholism, a judge may require the driver to attend meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Most individuals in the legal system consider these meetings a form of treatment and not a punishment. Victim impact meetings, which can be extremely influential, allow the drivers to meet the family of victims who have been killed or seriously injured in drunk driving accidents.

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