Suffolk County Theft Crimes Defense Lawyers

Have you been charged with a crime involving theft or fraud? These cases can involve a wide variety of crimes. From shoplifting and petit theft to burglary and all the way up to major crimes involving defrauding of companies and businesses for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

In an area of law that is this complex and vast you need experienced legal representation from lawyers who will present your defense aggressively. In certain instances a theft crimes defense attorney can negotiate a resolution to your case long before it ever gets to court.

In fact, it may even be possible for your criminal defense lawyers to get the prosecutor to understand that there are particular issues in your case that they need to know that may cause them to want to offer a deal for a favorable plea.

So, if you've been arrested for a crime involving theft or fraud, or if you're just being investigated prior to being arrested, call the Suffolk County theft crimes defense lawyers at Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman today.

The "Accidental" Shoplifter - A Typical Shoplifting Scenario

Shoplifting often occurs by accident when someone is shopping at a store and accidentally attempts to leave the store unknowing that they are actually carrying an item which the didn't pay for and/or didn't present to the cashier.

Typically, a loss prevention employee or store security agent will stop the person ask to see if they have some unpaid for item, and if they do, they will detain that person and call the police who will make the arrest, or issue a notice to appear in court...which is actually an arrest.

Shoplifting, or petit theft, is a crime of dishonesty punishable by jail time. However, most shoplifting defense lawyers will tell you that the vast majority of people charged with this crime have no prior criminal record and committed the crime which they are accused of accidentally, and sadly their life is turned upside down.

So, how do you defend yourself against these charges should this happen to you? Call the shoplifting defense lawyers at Naiburg, Obedin and Weissman at (631) 979-7777. We will appear in court with you and prepare the best defense possible to defend you against these charges.

Theft Crime Penalties

Theft crimes include charges such as fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, robbery, shoplifting or anything else that involves...

Taking property that belongs to another person or business
with the intent to deprive that person or business of its property

Each of these charges carries a different level of punishment varying from minor to severe penalties. It is important for anyone charged with this type of crime, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, to hire experienced theft crime defense attorneys who can help fight the charges and reduce any penalties.

First, penalties for misdemeanor thefts depend on whether or not it is a first offense. With the help of effective legal representation, a first time offender can receive a minimal penalty such as a fine or probation. However, individuals with a previous record can get more severe penalties including prison time.

Other penalties will usually vary based on the specific charge. If an individual is convicted of identity theft he will normally be required to pay restitution to the victims, including legal fees. Again, with the help of his or her defense attorneys, it is possible for a first-time offender to avoid jail time and take a minimal penalty such as a fine or community service. However, a serious charge such as armed robbery or other offense that involves the use of force or violence can carry a much harsher penalty. This level of punishment could include many years in prison or a fine of $150,000.

For a misdemeanor such as shoplifting, it is possible to avoid any severe penalties and simply pay for the cost of the item. However, this will depend on the cooperation of the store owner.

Whether or not the crime is considered a misdemeanor or a felony generally depends on the value of the item that was stolen. A misdemeanor usually applies to an item valued under $250. In addition, you can be charged with a crime even if you did not personally commit a theft. For example, individuals who are aware of an identity theft scam can receive multiple charges. However, the maximum penalty for identity theft is usually 25 years in prison per charge.