DWI Charges And The Myth Of The Plea Deal

DWI Charges And The Myth Of The Plea Deal Long Island residents are proud of their ability to move through challenges on their own and come out the other side okay. And while that’s great for a lot of situations, sometimes you simply need to consider getting help from professionals. A perfect example of this is if you’re facing a DWI charge. Getting a DWI attorney for legal advice and representation is a must in this case.

However, a huge number of people don’t realize just how important this really is. The reason is simple -there is a widely believed myth that when you face a DWI, your only option is to plead guilty and hope the courts show some leniency with your sentence. After all, proving that you’re not guilty in a DWI case is often so difficult it can seem impossible.

But the reality is that it’s not impossible to avoid criminal repercussions from a DWI. A DWI attorney can review your case and identify potential options that may actually help you avoid a guilty verdict or a guilty plea. In short, a plea isn’t always the best option. It usually is, but there are occasions where a case could be dealt with differently.

In most situations, a DWI lawyer won’t try to prove that a client is not guilty of a DWI. Instead, technical factors related to the charges are usually spotted that could mean it’s possible to have charges dropped. For example:

  • Improperly calibrated or maintained breathalyzer equipment
  • Illegal stops
  • Failure to inform suspects of their rights
  • Improper police actions or behaviors

There are numerous reasons that a case could be thrown out of court, and in most situations these are the factors that your attorney will be trying to identify instead of trying to find a way to prove that you’re not guilty.

Of course, sometimes a plea is the only option. But even then, having an attorney on your side can help you enter a deal that will work out in the best possible way for you. They can help negotiate reduced penalties and ensure that you’re able to move on as much as you can.

All in all, it’s important not to immediately assume that you need to plead guilty if you’re facing a DWI. There are other options that could be better for your situation, but you’ll likely need to talk to a DWI lawyer in order to figure out what they might be.