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Domestic Abuse Charges Are No Joke

Domestic Abuse Charges Are No JokeIt wasn’t so long ago that it was considered bad manners for the criminal enforcement system to get involved in what happened behind closed doors between family members and other domestic relationships. The only person worth listening to in such situations was the man of the house, and if he asked the police to drop the charges they would. Continue reading

Understanding Reasonable Doubt

Understanding Reasonable Doubt More than 40% of the population of New York State lives on Long Island, making it the most heavily populated island in the entire country and one of the most densely populated ones on the planet. If you’re a Long Island resident who is arrested for a crime, you’ll likely here plenty of different terms following your arrest and leading up to your trial. At the Law Offices of Naiburg, Obedin, and Weissman, we think that one of the most important things to understand is reasonable doubt. Continue reading

Law on Domestic Violence in Suffolk County

Domestic violence, the verbal or physical aggression of one spouse against another, has been a societal problem for many years. In the recent past the law, and the court system, has recognized domestic violence for the serious problem that it is. In fact, special judges and courtrooms have been established to handle domestic and family violence cases exclusively.

The Suffolk County Police Department also receives special training in the handling of domestic violence cases. Where in the past the responding police officer might have tried to “solve” the situation on site, now it is far more likely that an arrest will be made.

In fact, the police policy in Suffolk County as it exists today is to hold any individual arrested for domestic violence until they are brought before a criminal court judge. In the past those arrested were permitted to post bail at the police precinct. That is no longer permitted.

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Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence in Suffolk County? What Happens Next?

Being charged with a crime of domestic violence has some unique consequences which distinguish it from other offenses.

First, these cases are handled in courtrooms designated as “domestic violence” courtrooms.  While this is done to create some consistency in the prosecution of these cases, it can be problematic for someone charged with a crime of domestic violence because of the tendency to treat each defendant the same.  The reality is that every case is different and should be treated as such.

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